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Becoming a reviewer for ISCDBU Journals

How to become a reviewer?

Reviewers play a central role in scholarly publishing. Reviewing is a time-intensive process and requires certain skills in a specific field. Before you decide if you want to become a reviewer,we recommend you to be sure that you would be able to allocate time for the reviewing process. Through taking part in a review process,you would ensure certain standards of the scientific process and help to maintain and increase the quality of the journal. Besides,you would establish relationships with prestigious academicians and researchers.
If you think you would like to be a reviewer for a specific journal published by ISCDBU Center,  you can always contact with one of the journal s editors found in the journals homepages. You should primarily follow these steps
Please send an e-mail to including your current CV,contact information,academic rank,affiliation,country,area of expertise,at least 5 keywords related with your area of expertise and how many papers you will be able to review in a year. Editorial board of the related journal will return to you about your request.

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