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International Journal of Applied Exercise Physiology (IJAEP)
ISSN: 2322-35377
Indexed in: Web of Science

Modern Journal of Language Teaching Methods (MJLTM)

Editor-in-Chief: Dr.Cristina UNGUREANU  
ISSN: 2251-6204


European Science Publishing Journals:

ATV Sport
ISSN: 1099-2103
ERS Spectrum (Educational Research Service)
ISSN: 0740-7874
Modern Language Studies
ISSN: 0047-7729
International Journal of Applied Economics and Econometrics (IJAEE)
ISSN: 1530-7247
Euro Courses. Environmental Management
ISSN: 1384-5225
East European Business Law
ISSN: 0961-3676
Research Communications in Psychology, Psychiatry and Behavior
ISSN: 0362-2428
Energy and Environmental Management
ISSN: 1460-7530
Journal of Religious Studies
ISSN: 0193-3604
Medical Gynaecology, Andrology and Sociology
ISSN: 0300-5828
Journal of Modeling and Simulation of Microsystems
ISSN: 1524-2021
The CUHK journal of the humanities
ISSN: 1027-6734
Electronic Component & Device Applications
ISSN: 1563-4795
IT Cost Management Strategies
ISSN: 1091-1820
World Journal of Engineering and Pure & Applied Sciences
ISSN: 2249-0582
Chemical & Metallurgical Engineering Journal
ISSN: 0095-8476
Foreign Agricultural Economic Report
ISSN: 0429-0577
Mathematical Modelling of Systems
ISSN: 1381-2424

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