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Aims and scope

• Connection with universities and the international community regarding the exchange of information, articles and publications
• Tasks related to fellowships, faculty members
• Facilities for the preparation of books and international publications 
• Identify and invite international experts to assist short-term teaching and research
• Tasks related to applicants short and long term training courses
• The organization and supervision of conferences, seminars and congresses in domestic and foreign universities 
• Research festival held annually
• Coordinating the compilation and translation of books by professors and university students
• Hosting annual meetings comprised of conferences, short courses, platform and poster presentations, nteractive forums, group meetings and networking events, and the recognition of professional achievements through merit awards
• Organizing and conducting workshops and focused-topic meetings to assist in the development of emerging scientific areas or to evaluate existing knowledge
• Communicating through peer-reviewed journals, books, newsletters, technical publications, webinars and other digital communications
• Interacting and cooperating with other societies to co-sponsor scientific sessions, workshops and meetings
• Facilitating the incorporation of science into decision-making and policy by communicating science to technical and non-technical stakeholders through standing and ad hoc committees, advisory groups and publications,and through direct outreach activities to policymakers and the public via meetings, presentations and by providing written materials focused on specific issues
• Providing opportunities for students and early career professionals in ISCDBU mission-related areas
• Supporting education and training through ISCDBU awards, fellowships and grant programs
• Broadening disciplinary,geographic and human diversity within ISCDBU
• Promoting personal integrity and the scientific process

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