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Code of Ethics

• Members of the International Society of communication and Development between universities (ISCDBU) are expected to exhibit the highest standards of integrity and professionalism. To ensure a strong and successful organization,our activities require honesty and equity and should reflect well on the Society. In the spirit of promoting Quality Through Science®,members should strive to be good stewards of Development of Science and effective and objective contributors to the discussion globally as well as locally.
• Professional behavior and integrity are also expected of every attendee (members and non-members alike) of ISCDBU meetings,workshops and activities.
• Each member and all persons participating in ISCDBU meetings and activities are bound by this Code of Ethics and should:
• Conduct them responsibly,objectively,lawfully and in a non-discriminatory manner.
• Ensure that presentations during Society-sponsored events and other communications are restricted to,and based on scientific principles and made in a respectful manner.
• Respect the rights,interests,and contributions of professional colleagues.
• Respect intellectual property and provide appropriate attribution for all intellectual property arising elsewhere.
• Declare and avoid conflicts of interest
• Not knowingly make false or misleading statements,or engage in activities that could be viewed as defamatory about a professional colleague or an organization.
• Recognize and respect confidentiality while being honest and forthcoming in all issues of public record.
• Objectively and clearly communicate scientific methods,understanding and knowledge in a professional manner

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